Makkah Investment, headquartered in Beijing‘s central business district Kerry Center. Makkah Advisory is committed to introducing Arab companies to the Chinese market, establishing strategic partnerships with China’s companies and introducing them to the Arab markets such as Saudi Arabia. In the recent year, Makkah Advisory has been advising up to 35 billion RMB.

Makkah Investment has established extensive partnerships with government and semi-government organizations, funds, corporations and high net wealth from China, USA, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Sudan and other Arab countries. Makkah Investment creates the greatest value for its clients with cutting-edge trusted advisory services and out-of-the-box investment solutions on industries including housing, renewable energy, entertainment, infrastructure, oil and gas, manufacturing, agriculture, ICT, finance, Fin-tech, health, metal & more resources, etc.

   مكه للاستثمار  

Our mission is to link the world of investment together, opening, structuring and investing in the future opportunities, We advise up to 6 billion USD.

Our investment business focuses on China’s One Belt One Road Infrastructure projects We build bridges between China and the Arab world, mainly provide advisory services and introduce right partners in Arab countries for the companies to go internationally; we build up strategic partnerships with excellent Chinese companies so as to advice and introduce them into Saudi and Arab countries’ market.